"Here's The Ultimate Easy Way To Stop Hackers And Thieves Stealing Your Software Or Ebooks Directly From Your Own Download Pages"

Now You Can Create Secure Download Links Which Expire After Use - With Just A Few Mouse Clicks!

No Complex Scripts To Install - This Easy To Use Windows Tool Automates The Whole Process

Works with Paypal, Stormpay and any other payment service and provides extra security for 2CheckOut and Clickbank sales


Dear Friend,

If you're selling downloadable products such as ebooks and software, you probably already know about the risk of your products being stolen from your own download pages.

It has been estimated that over half of all ebooks and software in use are stolen copies, with a large proportion of these being stolen directly from the download page.

This of course means lost sales and income as potential customers simply grab a copy of your product for FREE instead of paying you for it.

This is both very costly and very annoying.

There's a lot of misinformation on the Internet about how hackers and thieves actually gain access to download pages.

The reality is that unless you give your download page a name which is easy to guess, like "thanks.html", it's actually quite hard for people to find it.

If you give your download page a random name with letters and digits in, such as "ty_35369712.html", even sophisticated hacking software is unlikely to find it.

There is however still a
 serious risk to download pages, which arises from people buying your product then posting the download link on forums or Warez (illegal download) sites.

This allows others to directly access your links from the forum or Warez site.

Even worse, search engines often pick up links up from these sites and then make them accessible to anyone doing a search.

The only really effective solution to this problem is to make your links "expire". This means that a download link is usable for just a limited period of time (specified by you), rendering the link useless to forum and search engine traffic after this period.

There are software solutions that do this, but they generally require you to install an expensive, complex script and use special download pages generated by the script.

This requires technical knowledge to setup and use the script. It also seriously limits your ability to make your download pages look like part of your own site and reduces your opportunities to "upsell" other products on your download pages.

Now however there is an alternative solution to this problem, which avoids all these hassles and restrictions.

With your copy of our brand new Download Warrior software, you can now add secure protection to any existing download page, with just a few mouse clicks...



Quick And Easy Protection Setup In Seconds

Download Warrior is an easy to use Windows tool, which takes your existing HTML (or PHP) download pages and automatically inserts some special "PHP" code into the top.

Don't worry if you don't know what PHP is. Almost all paid-for web hosts now support PHP. Your modified download pages can be uploaded to your web host in exactly the same way as you would upload any normal HTML file.

If you look at the screenshot below, you'll see just how easy Download Warrior is to use...

All you need to do is select your download page HTML file, enter how many hours the download links should remain valid before they expire, then click the Create button.

The software will automatically generate complete new protected download page files, ready for use.

Simply upload the new files in place of your original download page file, update the download page web address on your payment service to point to the new protected page and you're finished.

Adding totally secure protection just doesn't get any easier.

Stop Your Links Being Passed Around The Internet

Once you've used Download Warrior to protect your pages, your customers will see special download links in their web browser address bar.

Customers will not notice anything unusual. Your complete download page will appear to them exactly as it would have done without protection, but the link address shown in the browser address bar will be different for each customer.

If the customer copies the link out of their browser address bar however (or adds it to their favorites), after the specified time has elapsed, the link will simply stop working.

You can specify any time period you want, from 0 hours (link valid for immediate access only) up to 1, 2 ... 24, 48, 72 hours or more.

Once the link has expired, anyone using the link will see a blank page with just the text "Your Link Has Expired - Please Contact Us In Case Of Problems".

Any links emailed to friends, posted to forums or found by search engines will hence be rendered completely useless, protecting your products from illegal download.

Easily Email Secure Links To Your Customers

Although customers normally go directly from your payment service to your download page, inevitably there will be occasions when you need to send a link by email.

While for standard download links, a timeout of one hour offers highly secure protection, links sent in emails generally need longer timeouts.

For this reason, Download Warrior can build a special "email link page" for each download page (in addition to your normal page).

You can set a different (generally longer) expiry time for these "email links" (such as 24 or 48 hours), while keeping the expiry time for your normal links to a minimum.

This allows you full flexibility for handling customer downloads, while ensuring you have maximum protection for your download pages.

Hidden Zip File Links For Increased Security

Most people who post your download links to forums or email them to friends simply use the download page link that they got from you.

However some more intelligent users may view the source code of your download page and extract the actual direct links to your product zip, pdf or exe files.

With conventional solutions, this would bypass your protection, allowing others to directly download your product files without going through your download page.

Download Warrior protects against this by hiding the links to your zip, pdf or exe files.

Anyone viewing the source of your protected download page will see useless links, which expire at the same time as the download page link itself.

This simple, but effective strategy is automatically built into your protected download pages, increasing the security of your products.


Secure Protection For All Payment Services

Download Warrior works with all payment services, including 2Checkout, Clickbank, Paypal, Stormpay and any other service.

It also offers special secure protection options for 2CheckOut and Clickbank (unlike Paypal and Stormpay, these services do not offer secure encrypted button technology).

To use the special 2CheckOut feature, you simply enter a "secret word" into Download Warrior and it will automatically generate a special secure page for use with 2CheckOut.  

You also enter the same "secret word" into your 2CheckOut account. Your special 2CheckOut page can then only be accessed by genuine customers

This easy to use solution completely blocks all forms of unauthorized access, including a technique commonly used to steal downloadable products sold through 2CheckOut.

The special feature for Clickbank operates in a similar way, also using a "secret word" entered into your Clickbank account, again offering enhanced security for your products.

With Download Warrior, you can use any payment service, or any combination of different payment services. You can also use it with your own Merchant Account, personal check payments, auction payments or anything else.

No matter how you accept payment for your products, Download Warrior offers a quick and easy way of protecting your links from illegal access and distribution



Fully Compatible With All Affiliate Scripts

Most affiliate scripts require the inclusion of special code into a download page, or use some sort of technique to actually pass the link to the download page through the affiliate script. This process is needed so that the affiliate script can record the sale.

Some link protection solutions do not interact well with affiliate scripts.

This of course can be a problem if you are operating an affiliate program for your products.

Download Warrior is fully compatible with all affiliate scripts, providing a secure expiring download link facility, without affecting your affiliate sales.


Special Bonus 1 - Affiliate Commission Booster

Thieves and hackers don't just target your download pages. They'll target anything that can make them money - or lose you money.

That's why your copy of Download Warrior comes complete with a selection of powerful security related tools to help secure your online business.

One of the major sources of loss often targeted is your affiliate links.

Instead of simply clicking on your affiliate links, thieves and hackers will often copy the link into the Address field at the top of their browser and modify the link before using it.

This modification comes in two forms - chopped links and stolen commissions

To illustrate this, take a look at this typical affiliate link:


This link is for a web site "www.salessite.com" and an affiliate ID of 1234.

The Chopped Link

For no good reason, other than simply to stop you getting commission, a surprisingly large number of people will chop off the affiliate part of this link before using it, leaving just http://www.salessite.com.

The Stolen Commission

Some people will sign up to the affiliate program themselves, then change the 1234 to their own affiliate ID before buying the product. The result is that YOUR commission gets paid into THEIR account. This is common for products sold with high levels of commission, such as most ebooks and software.

In both these cases, you lose a commission that should rightfully be yours.

Our bonus Commission Booster software offers you a quick and easy solution to this problem, by automatically hiding your affiliate links inside special web pages called "redirect" or "cloaking" pages.

Simply enter your affiliate link into the software and click a button and Commission Booster will automatically build a special link protection page and even upload it to your website, ready for use.

This solution has been proven to substantially increase commissions for the majority marketers.

Software with almost identical features is being sold on its own elsewhere on the Internet for $59.

Now you can get these same powerful income boosting benefits at no extra cost, with your copy of Download Warrior.

Special Bonus 2 - Spambot Guardian

As well as the risks from theft and hacking, your website is also at risk from Spammers.

Most webmasters include their email address on their own web site, so that visitors can easily contact them.

This is usually done using "maillto" links, which allow visitors to simply click on a link to send an email.

Unfortunately spammers are also on the look out for these email addresses, as targets for spam.

Spammers use special web robots called Spambots which search continually through millions of web pages, looking for email links.

When a Spambot finds an email link, the email address is added to a database, to be used for spamming by the owner and to be sold to other spammers.

Spambot Guardian is a simple Windows tool which can instantly protect your entire web site from Spambots.

It will scan a single web page - or even your entire site at once - and automatically encrypt any mailto links, leaving them unreadable by Spambots but still fully usable by your visitors.

A few seconds spent using this simple but powerful tool can save you a lot of hassle dealing with spam in the future.


Special Bonus 3 - The PC Protection Kit

In addition to security risks associated with your website, there are many serious risks that can affect your PC.

Most people have heard about Viruses, Worms and Trojans, but there's still an awful lot of people who do not have proper up-to-date protection from them.

As a webmaster offering downloadable products, you are particularly vulnerable to the damage that can be caused by these dangerous components

Consider the effect of a virus on your PC. Not only will it affect you personally, potentially losing valuable products and business data, but it could also spread to your customers through your downloadable products.

Fortunately help is readily at hand in the form of a many off-the-shelf tools.

The PC Protection Kit offers a short, easy to read overview of the various risks to your PC and provides download links for a selection of fully functional tools to protect you against all these risks.

Tools include fully functional, self-updating anti-virus software, software to automatically block Worms and hacking attacks and software to combat Trojans, Dialers and other dangerous components.

With the ever-increasing spread of these dangers, your copy of the PC Protection Kit could save you a lot of time, money and hassle.



All This For One Low Price

One of the big drawbacks with the Internet is its open nature, making it very easy for people to hack and steal with complete anonymity.

If you are selling downloadable products, you are almost certainly losing money from this.

Download Warrior is probably the easiest to use solution available on the Internet, adding a powerful security shield around your download pages, with just a few mouse clicks.

Consider the losses you could be making as a result of theft and hacking and I'm sure you'll agree that the low price of just $27 for this powerful software makes this a real bargain.

Remember that this also includes our selection of valuable bonus security tools, to help secure other important aspects of your online business.

However, despite the fact that I'm offering this superb software package at such a low price, I still want you to be 100% certain that it will really work for you.

That's why Download Warrior comes with my cast iron 30-day, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee...

Your 100%, No Risk, No Questions Asked,
Money-Back Guarantee

If you still have any lingering doubts about purchasing, let me reassure you now with the knowledge that your copy of this superb software is covered by my 100% cast iron, no questions asked, no risk guarantee.

If at any time during the next 30 days, you decide that this software does not meet your requirements, just shoot me a quick email and I guarantee to refund your money in full, no questions asked.

All this means you can take a full 30 days to check out this software for yourself, with no risk whatsoever.

In other words...you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

The low price of this software could go up at any time without notice.

So please order now to ensure that you get all these benefits for this low price.

Please Order Now For Just $27

You'll receive instant access to your software by Internet download.

Totally secure payment is through PayPal.


Requirements: This software is for use on PCs running Microsoft Windows.

Earnings Disclaimer: Although Download Warrior and the bonus tools have been proven to help protect your website, products and income from theft and hacking attacks, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of additional income that you will attain by using this software. We will however happily refund your money in full in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase.

Legal Notice: This site and software is not associated with or endorsed by 2CheckOut, Clickbank, Paypal, Stormpay or any other payment service. The special features in the Download Warrior software which enable it to integrate with selected payment services are implemented based upon information made publicly available by the payment services, in conjunction with a range of test purchases performed in order to validate the functionality. All product and brand names mentioned on this page are copyrighted and/or trademarked by their respective owners and we are not associated or affiliated with them in any way.

This software is for your personal use only and does not carry any form of resale rights.




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