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"Here's How You Can Create An AVALANCHE Of Traffic And Sales, By Getting Loads Of Joint Venture Partners To Promote Your Products On Their Websites And Thank You Pages"

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Dear Friend,

You may have already seen some information on the latest hot marketing solution - doing Joint Ventures to sell your products on other people's "thank you" pages.

This is a new, powerful traffic-boosting tactic that can help you sell bucketloads of your own products, by harnessing the power of Joint Ventures.

Now I'm going to show you how you can easily use this tactic to give your sales a MASSIVE boost at a very affordable price.



  Your Proven Recipe For MASSIVE Profits...

Do you already understand why showing your ads on other people's thank you pages is such a powerful solution?

If so, you might like to skip this paragraph and scroll down to see how JV Avalanche can help you to achieve this. 

Otherwise, please read on to discover what was until recently, one of Internet marketing's best kept secrets...

How many times have you heard the phrase...

"Would you like fries with your burger?"...

It's a classic example of selling something else to a customer who's already ordering.

In the online world, this same method can be used very effectively, when selling downloadable products - or even physical products.

You simply offer additional products for sale on your "thank you for ordering" page, so customers who've just bought one thing from you are offered related products - usually with a special "customers only" discount, to encourage them to buy now.

By catching customers when they are already in the "buying mood", you stand a much better chance of making additional sales.

It's a well proven strategy and used by many of the Internet's top marketers.

But despite the huge profits available, most marketers don't actually market anything on their thank you pages - mainly because its a lot of extra hassle.

Today I'm going to show you how to exploit this fact by approaching other marketers who are selling their own products - and offering them an easy way to put ads for your products on their thank you pages.

In exchange, you'll pay them a commission on any sales - and give their customers a special discount on your products.

This is a win-win-win solution.

They get extra profit with zero effort. You get extra business from customers who are already in the "buying mood" - and the customer gets a special discount.

The key to making this work is offering a really easy way for other marketers (your "JV Partners") to put your offers on their thank you pages.

That's why your need our brand new JV Avalanche...




  Everything You Need At A Price You Can Afford

JV Avalanche is a simple script that you install on your own website.

It's a quick and easy installation, with special set up tool to make it really simple.

Once installed, you then use the script to create ads for JV partners, which they insert into their thank you pages - offering their customers a special discount off your products.

Here's a screenshot of an example ad, just to give you an idea of what you can create.



  Quick And Easy Ad Creation

You design your ads with any HTML editor. They are just ordinary web pages.

There is an example ad included with the script, which you can modify - or you can just create a new ad from scratch.

You can include any text, any fonts/colors, any images, any layout - in fact anything you would normally use in a web page.

Once you have designed your ad web page, you upload it (along with any images) to your web host in the same folder as your script.

Once you've uploaded the ad web page, you use JV Avalanche to create an ad for each JV partner, by filling in the form shown below:

You enter the JV partner's name, their affiliate link for your product and the file name of the ad web page (for example, the ad web page I created for the "Photo Ad Pro" product shown above is: photoadpro.html). 

The script will give you a special link that you email to your JV partner. When your JV partner visits this link, the script will show them what their ad will look like and provide the code for it (just a single line of Javascript). The JV partner just needs to paste this code into their thank you page and the ad will appear on the page instantly.

Since the code is Javascript, it can be inserted into any web page of any type (HTML, PHP, ASP or anything else) using any web page editor.



  Quick And Easy Admin

You have a script admin feature, which shows the number of days ago that each ad was last shown by each JV partner. This allows you to easily tell if a JV partner has not yet started promoting - or has stopped promoting your offer.

Here's a screenshot of the admin area showing 3 JV partners, who are all using our example photoadpro.html ad:

You can see that one JV partner has not started promoting yet and another one looks like she may have stopped promoting.

By monitoring this information, you can contact JV partners to remind them to add the code to their page - or ask them why they have stopped promoting your offer.

For each JV partner, you can get detailed stats on the number of times the ad has been viewed and the number of clicks, the date of the last view and last click.

You can also get the total number of times that each ad has been viewed and clicked across all JV partners, to get an idea of how well the ad performs overall.

The example above only shows a single ad, but you can have as many different ads as you want - and as many JV partners as you want.




  Customize Your Sales Pages With JV Partner Names

You'll probably want to use JV Avalanche to allow your JV partners to offer special discounted deals to their customers.

You will of course mention the discount in the ad itself. But adding this information to the sales page as well, gives a lot more credibility to your discounted offer.

For example, on your sales page, you might include something like this:

The special price shown on this page is only for customers of John Smith

With JV Avalanche, you can add a single line of javascript code to your sales page wherever you want the name of the JV partner to be inserted.

When a visitor arrives at your sales page from a JV partner ad, the correct JV partners name will be shown automatically.

This offers a very simple way to boost the profits from your special offers.




  Change Your Ads At Any Time

With JV Avalanche, you can change your ad at any time in the future - and all JV partners that are already using that ad will automatically get their ad updated.

You can replace an ad with an improved version.

You can replace an ad with a special promotion for a few days - then restore the original ad back again when the promotion is over.

You can even replace an ad with an ad for something else completely, if for example, you stop selling the original product.

You do all this - at any time - just by uploading a new version of the ad web page, without even telling your JV partners.

All JV partners using that ad will automatically get their ad updated, without them having to do anything at all.




  Works With Any Affiliate Program Or Script

JV Avalanche works with any affiliate program. You can use any affiliate manager (such as Clickbank or Commission Junction) - or just use your own affiliate script.




  Create Ads For An Unlimited Number Of Sites/Products

A single installation of the script can handle as many products and as many JV partners as you want.

In addition, you can install the script on as many websites as you want (as long as they are all owned by you) - so you can install a separate copy for each product if you prefer.




  Create Ads For Any Purpose

Although I've concentrated on inserting ads into thank you pages, JV Avalanche does not actually limit where the ads are placed.

You can create ads for any purpose and your JV partners can insert these ads into any pages on their website - even inserting them into their content pages if they wish.

This offers a really powerful solution to give your JV partners a really easy - and highly effective - way to promote all your products with minimal effort.



  Your Special Bonus - The Joint Venture Encyclopedia

Your copy of JV Avalanche comes with the special "Joint Venture Encyclopedia" packed with tons of valuable information on building and profiting from JVs.

Here are some of the vital topics covered in this 3-volume 200-page resource...

Learn the ins and outs of joint ventures in the real world. Why is my acceptance rate is close to 90% ensuring a circulation of hundreds of thousands, while others are struggling to secure even just one deal? It's a simple concept if you know how. I'll show you everything I've learned in the past 7 years.

Discover the little used method that will immediately tell you whether or not you're going to be accepted for a joint venture proposal even before you make first contact with your prospect.

Two of the biggest joint venture problems faced by online marketers solved once and for all, paving the way for many successful deals now and into the future.

You can secure joint ventures even if this is your first day in online marketing. I'll show you how you can secure profitable jv's even if you don't have a huge amount of money, a big name or huge promotion resources to present to your prospect. If you ever thought you didn't have anything to barter with, think again.

5 reasons why searching for random lists and mailing them with your proposals is destroying your chances of success. This is the amateurs way, I'll show how the real pro's rake in millions of dollars every year by avoiding just 5 pitfalls.

3 big mistakes of the JV newbie. If you've never joint ventured before, let me warn you. That one big deal that will seal a long term contact, not to mention a circulation of hundreds of thousands of potential customers for you hangs in the balance. Get it wrong the first time and it's very *very* hard to be able to re-approach your prospect. Learn the 3 big mistakes and how to avoid them before you ruin the future of your business with blind deals.

A demonstration of why bartering and counter proposals are losing you deals. If your offer is wide of the mark from the word go, despite what we'd all like to think, it's likely your prospect won't bother to counter your offer or barter with you. I'll show you why this is the case, and contrary to popular belief why this is very true.

Joint venture approaches done correctly. I'll take you through several examples that in my experience contain specific aspects that doom a deal to failure every single time someone attempts them. I'll also be showing you the opposite of this, and how much difference just a few words can make to your business. The difference between a circulation of hundreds of thousands on the launch of your product, and a circulation of zero. I know which I'd prefer.

How you can read your prospects actions to know what they want from you before you even approach them. Think about how valuable it would be if you could see thought bubbles over everyone's heads showing you what they want. Do you see how much cash you'd make simply fulfilling their needs and desires? This works along the same lines, but specifically tailored to approaching JV prospects. (Tips like this is one of the reasons I limit my products to a specific number of sales before pulling them off the shelf).

Learn 5 correct methods to use when approaching your joint venture prospects to maximize your chance of being accepted and getting your hands on what could be hundreds of thousands of potential customers. These 5 methods I see in every single correctly carried out joint venture online. Without them, deals are often doomed to failure.

You'll be making deals within 24 hours! I'm going to give you the information you need to be successful, and I'm so confident It works, I'll be setting you a small challenge to prove just how easy this is and how quickly you can become a success through this information. The results will speak for themselves.

You could be shoving far more cash in your pocket if you stop thinking about the money. It's a fact, promoting for profits isn't the quickest way to get rich, and neither is joint venturing for profits. I'll show you how to look beyond immediate profit to maximize the potential of your business, to grow rich quickly, and stay rich far into the future, where others are falling at the first hurdle.

I'll make a bet with you. I'm going to let you sail through this powerful and under utilized jv material, and then I'm going to quiz you on what you've learned. I bet you that you're less than 12 hours from knowing how to successfully make long term contacts and jv deals, and I'll prove it while you follow along so that you can be confident in your abilities before doing this for real.

12 methods to almost ensure jv success with specific types of marketers, from the standard e-zine owner, all the way through to the powerful, targeted personal list packed full of prospects waiting to buy your products that you wouldn't even get near without jving.

How To Find Real JV Prospects. We all know that a couple of simple ads here and there to large, well built, targeted lists can shove thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars into your pocket per mailing. We'll show you step by step, exactly how we go about securing no less than twenty of these large scale joint ventures every single time we launch a product with very little effort, whilst others having trouble securing even one.

An Almost Endless Supply of Prospects. Overcome the hassles and ethical issues of having to cold call and drop in on prospects unannounced, only to be told they don't want to hear from you. There's a little known back door that we're sneaking through as you read this, pulling in scores of immensely profitable joint venture deals whilst the majority fight over the same 20 people.

The one and only way to quickly get in on the ground floor with big joint ventures, even if it's your first day in online marketing. You may think you have nothing to offer in return for the circulation of your ad to tens of thousands of targeted buyers. You'd be wrong. Thankfully for us, only a few know of this powerful method, leaving you plenty of space to get in on this before the crowds flock to it.

12 Mistakes Of The Joint Venture Newbie. I'll show you the exact reasons that joint venture newbies get denied over and over again, when they could quite easily be circulating their products to many thousands, if only they knew what our decade + of experience tells us they were doing wrong.

How to know before approaching anyone whether or not they're going to accept your offer. Don't waste your time by approaching people that have no interest in your deal. We have devised 7 easy to replicate methods over the years that will allow you to judge immediately whether your prospect is going to accept you or not.

How to build and use a powerful information network. The future is always bright for your business' profits when you have a group of thirty or forty people with these valuable lists ready to promote for you on the launch of each of your products. What's more, they're easy to find. We'll show you exactly where. (Best of all this only takes ten minutes to do). Imagine the profits at having that type of promotion power at your disposal. It's all yours, right here.

5 ways to increase your acceptance rates by 85%. Tailor your deal to your joint venture prospect and start seeing your ad sent to more of these hugely profitable targeted lists every single time you launch a new product. It's easy to hit the magic 85% mark if you have the right information. We'll show you how to get it for free in a mere three minutes of your valuable time.

2 techniques to ensure that the joint ventures you make today, will be open to you every single time you launch a new product. Imagine succeeding in gaining just five separate joint ventures, each list containing 20,000+ hungry customers ready to buy your products. That's a real money maker, but it gets unimaginably profitable when you add another five of these lists every single time you launch a new product. We're doing that right now, as you read this, and we'll show you how.

Learn the why's of Joint Venturing. It's time to stop buying products that only tell you how to do stuff that become useless when everything changes in a few months time. It's a waste of your time and money. This guide however will show you why everything works, benefiting you not just on the first read, but for life; allowing you to adapt to business situations that we all know change very rapidly.

2 JV Approach Methods That Almost Guarantee You'll Be Seen. Being noticed instead of thrown in the trash on first contact could mean the difference between 30,000 circulation for the launch of your products, and going home with nothing. Picture the sales of your products if you successfully made just ten of these deals.

Learn to see how your offer looks from the perspective of your jv target before you've even contacted them. If you know what they want before you contact them, not only are they going to wonder how you managed it, but they're going to sit up and listen, increasing your chances of an all important sealed deal.

5 ways you know if you're going to be accepted before you even make first contact. Most marketers I meet are wasting time trying to complete joint venture deals with specific people at specific times. Are you? Show me the deal, show me the target, and I can tell you within 2 minutes with a 95% rate of accuracy whether you'll get a yes, or a no. I'll show you exactly how I do this, and how you can put it to good use too.

Learn to spot the best moment to send your joint venture prospect an offer. There's a time and a place for everything. JV's are no exception. Did you know, there are specific signals that you are receiving from your potential prospects that should immediately tell you when the best time to approach them is, maximizing your chances of success. Can you see these signals? If not, I'll point them out to you so that you can start taking advantage of them right away.

One sneaky little trick that will get your joint venture prospect talking to their contacts about you, even if they refuse your deal. Think about it. If your prospect has lists or resources reaching into the multiple thousands, it's highly likely their contacts will too. It's easy to get your name spread through word of mouth when you know how. We'll show you how.

Full start to finish tried and tested joint venture templates. Proven methods of the successful joint venture. From your introduction and getting noticed, to your follow-up and securing your future and everything in between. We've done it hundreds of times, and to save you the hassle, the expense and the let downs of trial and error, we're going to show you what works, and what doesn't right off the bat

All this valuable information is yours absolutely free with your copy of JV Avalanche.



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Earnings Disclaimer
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