"Here's How You Can Get Everything You Need To Turn Your No-Traffic, Zero-Income Websites Into Successful, Cash Generating, Search Engine Traffic Magnets"


Dear Friend,

You've probably already seen the simple "strategy for success" promoted by so many sites selling articles, content, ebooks and promotional tools.

Here it is in a nutshell...

1. Create a site packed with content such as articles

2. Liberally sprinkle Adsense or other adverts around the content

3. Submit to the search engines

4. Sit back and wait for those big fat checks to come in

It all sounds like a great way to generate an easy income with little effort.

Sure enough, if you do give it a try, with just a little work you will almost certainly be rewarded.

Your site will indeed appear on the Search Engine listings for the topics you've targeted.

BUT the thing is, you'll probably need to scroll down through thousands of pages of search results to find it

You see there's one HUGE factor that everyone neglected to tell you about.

It's called Page Rank and for Google and most of the other major search engines, it is the PRIMARY factor determining the position of your site on the listings.

With a Page Rank of zero, even "Old Aunt Betty's Holiday Snaps Site" has a better chance of getting visitors off Google than you do!

It doesn't matter how great your web design is or how good your content is.

A Page Rank of zero means no visitors - and no income.

So what exactly is this mystical "Page Rank"?

Well if you want a full technical explanation from the experts at Google, you can look here, but in a nutshell Page Rank is a measure of the number and quality of links pointing to your site from other websites.

Google views a link from another site to your site as a "vote" for your site.

The more votes you get - especially votes from other sites with good Page Rank - the higher your page rank and hence the higher up your site appears in the search listings.

So in simple terms, to get a decent position in the Search Engines, you need lots of links from other sites pointing to your site.

Of course getting other sites to link to your site is not a trivial thing to do.

However now, I'm going to show you how I can help you to build those essential links.

Our brand new Page Rank Power Pack contains a selection of special tools and resources to increase your Page Rank and raise your sites to the heights of search engine success...



  The Page Rank Startup Course

To make your sites successful, you'll want to get your Page Rank off the ground fast.

Most search engine experts agree that a Page Rank of 4 (or PR4 for short) is considered the minimum level for a site to pick up any real traffic.

Of course the bigger your page rank is, the better, but PR4 is the target to aim for when starting to build your Page Rank.

Our Page Rank Startup Course will show you real proven strategies that will help you to reach PR4 quickly, even if you are a complete "search engine newbie" with no prior experience.

Don't worry this is not another "theory" guide written by a search engine guru who's left index finger knows more about search engines than you could ever hope to.

It is a concise, entirely practical report - written by someone with no prior experience at all - who took his own small article site from PR0 to PR4 in under 90 days.

Inside the report, he explains what steps he took, provides links for all the services he used and show you how to easily follow the same process to build your own Page Rank.

Here's a quick summary of what you'll discover inside this information packed resource:

 The four simple things you should do for every website you want quickly indexed in the search engines

 Easy ways to get backlinks to your site

 Where to get content for your sites completely free 

 How to find out your sites Page Rank 

 How to avoid your site getting banned by the search engines

Simply read this concise report, follow the plan and watch your Page Rank power off the ground fast.



  LinksBro Software - Generate Links And Traffic Automatically

Getting your Page Rank off the ground is the first step, but for real quick and easy success, you need our brand new LinksBro software.

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that this is one of the most powerful marketing tools you will ever encounter - at any price.

Allow me to justify this rather bold claim...

LinksBro will not only help you to build your Page Rank, but it will also help you to attract additional traffic through automatic self-updating content and even generate additional Adsense revenues for you too.

LinksBro works by automatically building a directory on your website covering just about every topic - from arts to science and business to sports - all neatly categorized into hundreds of sections.

It automatically adds content to each section from it's built-in database of 500+ RSS feeds, resulting in continually updating content related to the particular topic - all without any effort from you.

The result is a site covering a wide range of subjects (just about everything) with separate pages for each topic - all with automatic, continually updated content - all designed to attract visitors from the search engines.

The script also places Google Adsense code onto every single page automatically. All you need to do is enter your Adsense ID when you setup the script - and then sit back and let the script display topic-related adverts, generating Adsense income for you automatically from every click.

Here's a scaled down screenshot of what pages in your LinksBro directory will look like...

Since LinksBro also incorporates a full links directory, it offers anyone visiting your site the chance to submit a link to their own website into the directory.

Visitors are required to first create a link to your site BEFORE the script will allow them to submit their link (the script has its own built-in mini-spider to check that they've done this before it will accept their link).

Altogether this provides a powerful, fully automatic way to build lots of links to your site, rapidly increasing its Page Rank.

LinksBro can do a lot more too. Here's a quick summary of the features of this powerful script...

 Easy installation. Just upload it on your server, and let it do it's job.

 Automated email notification system for new link exchanges. Also, your visitors will receive notifications if their link was rejected or approved.

 A "spider" which crawls into your partner's page for the backlinks to your website. You can accept or reject links with a single mouse click.

 Each directory category and subcategory comes with it's own related content. Publishing ads from online advertisers has never been easier!

 You can easily add or remove categories anytime you want.

 Easy navigation and SEO friendly structure, plus a professional search engine feature to easily find any website registered in your directory.

 Save bandwidth, thanks to the RSS caching feature.

 All the pages are automatically generated - you don't need any HTML or web programming knowledge.

LinksBro is intended to be used as just part of an existing website, with links back to your existing home page where you can promote anything you want.

As your LinksBro directory Page Rank increases, it will drag your home page ranking up with it, hence boosting search engine traffic to your entire website.


Here Is The Unbeatable Proof After Testing The LinksBro
Script For 1 Month On An Average Website!!


The image was captured from the statistics provided by AWStats, at the end of the first month of testing the script:


YES! traffic improved over 700% just by installing this amazing script!

Want to see more? See a live demo of LinksBro, by clicking here.

As you can see, LinksBro combines a powerful Page Rank building system, a Search Engine "Magnet" and an Adsense income generator all rolled into one powerful package.

Simply install this script on your site and apply a few of the methods from our Page Rank Startup Course, then sit back and let it power your site to search engine success.



  Page Rank Scanner - Keep Your Page Rank High

As I explained earlier, the one and only factor in calculating your Page Rank is the quantity and quality of the links pointing to your site.

Some of the links to your site will of course be worth very little, while others - i.e. from other highly related sites which have good Page Ranks - will be worth a lot.

You may rely entirely on LinksBro directory for your links - or to get some more valuable links, you might arrange for separate link exchanges, or possibly even purchase links.

Whatever solutions you adopt for your links, it is absolutely vital to ensure that those links from other sites are maintained.

If those links start disappearing, your Page Rank will rapidly start slipping, taking your traffic and profits down with it.

Unfortunately many webmasters are less than honest when it comes to maintaining links with other sites.

The complex way that Page Rank is calculated means that if your site links to another site and they do not link back to you, some of your Page Rank will "leak away" from your site to their site. This means that their Page Rank increases at your expense.

This gives a strong incentive for dishonest webmasters to cheat their link partners.

These people know that once an exchange of links has been completed, you'll probably never check again, so they can safely delete your link and reap the benefit of effectively stealing some of your Page Rank.

Independent monitoring of this effect has shown that sites which fail to regularly check on their link partners get more and more "leaks". They gradually drop further and further down the search engine listings as their Page Rank just leaks away.

Of course regularly checking lots of other sites to make sure that links are still in place is a major hassle.

However since your site's Page Rank is completely dependent on these links, it's just too important to leave it unchecked.

That's why we've created out special Page Rank Scanner software to take care of this problem for you automatically.

Page Rank Scanner provides an easy way to check all your links in one go, with just a single button click.

You can see how easy this software is to use from the screenshot below:

To use the software, you simply enter the web addresses of all the pages which should contain links to your site.

The software remembers all the web addresses you've entered and allows you to edit them, delete them and add new ones at any time.

Now any time you want, you can simply click the Check Links button and the software will instantly scan every single site to make sure your link is still present.

As soon as it's checked the sites, it will give you an instant report of any problems found.

If there are any problems, you can just select the site from the list and click the Web Browser button. Your web browser will then be activated to show the web page, allowing you to check it out yourself.

If necessary you can then contact the site owner to find out what happened to your link, or alternatively just delete their link from your own site.

Page Rank Scanner even incorporates an advanced "cheat" detection system.

There are several well documented "dirty tricks" that webmasters can use to avoid search engines treating links as valid.

Using these techniques, links will look perfectly normal when you view the page in your web browser, but hidden directives within the source code of the page instruct the search engines to ignore the link. To the search engines, it looks like the link is simply not there.

Page Rank Scanner will detect all these cheats automatically and report them to you.

The software will automatically detect the following cheats: "comment hiding", "javascript hiding", "meta tag nofollows" and "anchor tag nofollows".

Don't worry if you don't know what these terms mean.

All you need to know is that there are many ways that webmasters can cheat you, but that this software will detect them all and notify you automatically.

As I hope you can see Page Rank Scanner is a very powerful software tool.

It can be used with as many separate web sites as you own and will keep track of an unlimited number of links for each site.

Now simply by using this powerful software on a regular basis, you can automatically monitor all your essential links - and make certain that your Page Rank - and your income - is maintained permanently.



Special Bonus 1: "Search Engine Optimization Made Easy"

As a special bonus, your Page Rank Power Pack also includes the extremely comprehensive "Search Engine Optimization Made Easy" ebook by Search Engine expert Brad Callen.

In this information packed, 90 page ebook, you'll discover all the secrets of how to optimize your site for search engine success.

Inside Brad explains how Page Rank actually works and how it is calculated - but also goes far beyond this, with tips and tricks on how to build a truly successful Search Engine Optimized site.

Here's just some of the topics covered in this superb resource...

Why optimizing for the wrong keywords means you'll likely never see results

How changing one single onpage optimization factor can boost your search engine rankings by over 350 positions!

The secret to getting listed in Google in under 24 hours - guaranteed!

How to skyrocket your web site to the top Of Google with properly planned offpage Optimization!

Make sure you are not asking Google to penalize or ban your site - by accident!

What is possibly the biggest misconception about ranking well in the Search Engines?

What you MUST do to rank well for your inner web pages...

The cold, hard facts about Google Page Rank (PR)

... and much more!




Special Bonus 2: Your Link Building Video Collection

Our second special bonus is a great video collection, giving detailed, easy to follow instructions on 7 different valuable strategies for getting links to your website...

"Discover How To BOOST Your Website's Link Popularity And Page Rank With These Seven Little Known, Battle-Tested, And Easy To Use Linking Tactics

...And What's More I'll Show You How To Get Up And Running With Nearly All Of Them For FREE"

Do you have the time to spend dozens of hours trawling online forums and articles for the occasional grain of wisdom they contain that can actually benefit your business?

Or would you rather have seven powerful tactics instantly presented to you with full examples, so you can immediately start using and benefiting from them?

Here's what you'll discover as soon as you get these seven in depth videos:

Video One -- 18 Minutes

In this first video you'll discover a little known way to almost instantly get more links back to your website.

I've quietly been using this linking tactic and have found it a very effective way to get a brand new site into the search engines for free ... if you know what you're doing.

Video Two -- 18 Minutes

In this video you'll discover an amazing way to set up good links to your own websites for free.

And even better - search engines love this tactic!

This may surprise you, but it's a tactic experienced search engine marketers have been quietly using to quickly give their site a real boost.

Video Three -- 21 Minutes

Want hundreds of high quality links back to your website in just a month or two?

Well - in this video I'll show you how to easily do that.

Really savvy marketers online have been using this tactic to profit big. I'm really surprised more people don't use this.

Video Four -- 23 Minutes

Now ... the linking tactic in this video might surprise you.

I use it and it works well.

Surprisingly well.

And even if you're already aware of this tactic, I'll show you how to apply it once (it takes just an hour or two) and do it the right way so that your one time effort is multiplied almost exponentially, leading to a mass of new websites linking to you for months (even years) to come.

Video Five -- 14 Minutes

Want to give your search engine ranking a real shot in the arm?

Then you need links from PR6, 7, 8 ... even PR9 pages.

And however out of reach that may seem, you might be surprised at how easy it is to get them.

I'll reveal how in this video.

Video Six -- 23 Minutes

The best high quality links on the web are the ones you control.

And in this video you'll discover a proven tactic for getting very high quality links into your websites, for as long as you want, in a way the search engines love.

And even better -- I'll show you how to be up and running with this tactic in less than a day!

Video Seven -- 11 Minutes

Long term linking strategies are what will keep you at the top of the search engines for years.

In this video you'll discover the right way to help keep your site high in the search engines.

Many people abuse this powerful tactic and find their sites penalized ... if not banned from the search engines entirely.

I'll show you two very successful sites that use this tactic correctly - and how you can too.



Power Your Sites To Search Engine Success Now...

The beauty of Search Engine traffic is that it's completely free.

If you can get a good consistent stream of that traffic to your site and monetize it through suitable adverts, you really can just sit back and watch the money roll-in on autopilot.

While having a great looking site and lots of valuable content is important, the fact is that unless you have a decent Page Rank, you simply will not get the traffic you need.

Our Page Rank Power Pack will not only teach you how to get a decent Page Rank for your sites, but also provides one of the most powerful tools on the Internet to help you build it, along with powerful software to help you maintain it afterwards.

In view of the benefits that this could bring to your business, you might expect to pay a lot for all these superb resources.

However I know how hard it can be to get new websites off the ground and I want to help as many people as possible to achieve success.

That's why I'm currently offering you the chance to get your hands on this package right now for the bargain price of just $47.

Even though I'm offering this package at such a low price, I still want you to be 100% certain that it will really work for you.

That's why the package comes with my cast iron 30-day, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee...

Your 100%, No Risk, No Questions Asked,
Money-Back Guarantee

If you still have any lingering doubts about purchasing, let me reassure you now with the knowledge that your copy of this superb package is covered by my 100% cast iron, no questions asked, no risk guarantee.

If at any time during the next 30 days, you decide that this package does not meet your requirements, just shoot me a quick email and I guarantee to refund your money in full, no questions asked.

All this means you can take a full 30 days to check out all this great package for yourself, with no risk whatsoever.

In other words...you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

I really do expect a lot of demand for this superb package , so this low price could increase at any time without notice.

So please don't delay. Order your copy right now...

Please Order Now For Just $47

You'll receive instant access to your package, even if it's 2 am in the morning.

Totally secure payment is through PayPal

Requirements: This package is for use only on PCs running Microsoft Windows. In addition, the LinksBro script requires a web host with support for PHP and MySQL (most paid for web hosts support these).

Earnings Disclaimer: Although the use of this package provides tools and resources to assist you in building the page rank of your websites, the resulting page rank and profits are dependent on many factors outside our control, including how effectively you apply the information provided and the quality, subject matter and content of your websites. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of income that you will attain by using this package. We will however happily refund your money in full in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase.

Please note that this package is for your personal use only and does not carry any form of resale rights. 



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