"Here's Everything You Need To Build Your Own Moneymaking Opt-in List On Autopilot"


Dear Friend

If you've been on the Internet for a while, you've probably seen the phrase: "the money is in the list" many times by now.

The fact is that building a list is essential if you want your own successful online business.

But as you may have already discovered, building a list can be very hard work.

Now though - for the first time ever - we've put together a quality package of powerful, easy to use tools and resources that can finally set you on the road to success.

These tools and resources will make it as easy as pie for you to apply the very latest strategies and technology to your business, building your list on autopilot.

Let's take a detailed look at the exclusive, quality software and the special resources included in this superb package... 



   Build Your List Through Your Affiliate Links Automatically

I know that our first tool, Affiliate List Builder, is going to amaze you.

To see what it does, I'd like to ask you to pick a website and enter its web address into the box below - then click the button.

You can choose any website - your own site, one of the popular search engines, or any other site you want.

Don't worry, there are no tricks. All that will happen is that a new browser window will open showing your chosen website - but with one big difference...

My opt-in signup form will appear right over the top of the website.

Please go ahead and give it a try...

Website Address (e.g. www.mysite.com 

As long as Javascript is enabled in your Internet browser (most people do have this feature enabled), you should have seen a popup newsletter form slide in over the top of the website you selected. 

If you're thinking that I hacked the site in some way or did something underhand to add my form to the site, I can assure you that I didn't.

This really is your chosen website exactly as normal, but with a special (unblockable) popup newsletter signup form over the top.

Now consider the benefits of using this same solution to put your signup form over the top of all the sites you promote through affiliate links.

Instead of the owner of the site collecting email addresses from your referrals, you can collect them yourself.

You can pop your subscription offer right over the top of anyone else's sales page.

With this superb solution, you can now promote affiliate programs and build your own list at the same time.

This has to be the ultimate profit solution for everyone who promotes affiliate programs.



   Add All Sorts Of Popups To Other People's Sales Pages

The example you saw above was for what's called a "slide-in popup".

You can choose the speed and direction of the sliding as well as the final position.

This type of popup is commonly used because it's very hard to ignore.

However in some cases, you may prefer an alternative approach.

That's where our other two great popup styles come in...


Style 2 - The Lightbox Or Phoenix Popup

Our second popup style is the "lightbox" or "phoenix" popup.

This partially grays the underlying sales page then puts the popup over the top.

These popups can be very effective as they force the visitor to respond to your popup signup form before being able to view the sales page.

You can choose the opacity of the underlying page as well as the position of the popup.

To see your chosen website with a lightbox/phoenix popup...  


Style 3 - The Fixed Popup

Our third popup style is the "fixed popup", which appears at a fixed position on the screen (usually the left or right hand side of the sales page) and stays there even when the visitor scrolls the underlying sales page.

This is a more subtle approach as the visitor can still view the sales page without closing the popup, but your subscription form remains constantly in view.

To see your chosen website with a fixed popup...  


Note that for simplicity I've described these as three separate styles.

In practice however, you can use any combination of these styles together.

This allows you to create any sort of popup you want.




   The Easy Way To Create Your Affiliate Link Popups

Our Affiliate List Builder tool makes it quick and easy to add all these different types of popups to your affiliate links.

Here's a screenshot of this powerful tool:



Just create a special web page with your signup form on it (there's a separate tool you can use to build this page automatically - see below).

Now type (or paste) your affiliate link into the software, choose a few simple settings - then click the Create button.

The software will instantly create a brand new "affiliate link page".

Simply upload this "affiliate link page" to your web host and then send your referrals to that page, instead of sending them directly to your affiliate link.

That's all there is to it!

Your affiliate link is even "cloaked" automatically, increasing the security of your link to protect your commissions.

All your referrals will be sent to your affiliate link just like normal, so you still get paid your commissions.

However your signup form will appear over the top of the sales page - allowing you to build your list on autopilot.



   Control All Aspects Of Your Popups

For all the different types of popups, you have complete control of how the popup behaves.

When using the lightbox feature, there is an "opacity" setting, which allows you to determine how much the underlying web page is grayed out when the popup is shown. A typical value of 60% grays the underlying page by 60% so it is still visible but less noticeable than the popup. You can use any value between 0% and 100%.

When using the slide-in feature, you can choose whether the popup slides in from the left, right, top or bottom of the screen. You can also control the speed of sliding.

You can choose the final position of the popup. This is normally the center, left side or right side of the screen. However you can put the popup anywhere you want, even specifying the exact pixel position if you wish.

The popups also have an optional popup delay value, which allows you to set a delay (in seconds) between the web page being loaded and the popup signup form appearing  (this can be anything from zero seconds upwards).

The popups also have a "frequency" setting, allowing you to choose how often the signup form will appear. This can be set to every time the page is viewed, once for each browser session, once a day, once a week, once a month or just one time.

All your settings for Affiliate List Builder (and all the other tools in this package) are automatically remembered, making it easy to use the tool again and again.

All these features make it easy to get your popups working exactly the way you want.




   Build Your List Through Your Own Web Pages Automatically

Our second tool, "Web Page List Builder" offers similar features to Affiliate List Builder, but it allows you to display these popup signup forms over the top of your own web pages.

Web Page List Builder can also create all the different types of popups - and has all the same settings to allow you to easily control all aspects of your popups.

As you can see from the screenshot below, this tool is also very simple to use:



Just create a special web page with your signup form on it (there's a separate tool you can use to build this page automatically - see below).

Now simply select the web page to be updated and choose your settings - then click the Update button. The software will instantly update the page.

All the code added is Javascript, so you should still be able to safely edit the page using your usual HTML editor.

Now simply upload the updated web page to your web host and your signup form will immediately start working.

This the ultimate easy way to add popup signup forms to all your own web pages.




    Instantly Create Professional Signup Form Pages To Effectively Promote Your Offer

Both Affiliate List Builder and Web Page List Builder display a popup signup form page which is actually just a normal HTML web page.

This means that you can create it yourself using any HTML editor.

However it's much easier to use our simple "Signup Form Page Creator" tool.

Below you can see a screenshot of the tool:



You'll see a set of boxes. Just type the text you want to appear into the various boxes (full instructions are included).

I've included an example page created using the software below so you can see what each box relates to:



You can select the text and color for each item - the close message at the top right, the popup headline, the main popup text (which can optionally be in the form of a set of bullet points), the privacy guarantee and the close window message at the bottom.

After filling in the boxes, you simply paste a signup form from your autoresponder into the software, then click the Create button. Your signup form page will be instantly created.

Since the signup form page is a standard HTML web page, you can then make changes to it if you want using any HTML editor.

With this simple tool, you can create professional-looking signup forms that effectively promote your offer - all in a matter of minutes.




    See How Easy It Is To Create These Superb Popups

If you'd like to see just how easy it is to create these popups, there's a short video set showing exactly how to use each of the tools described above... 



See the software in action in our short video demonstrations...

Click Here For The Signup Form Page Creator Video


Click Here For The Affiliate List Builder Video


Click Here For The Web Page List Builder Video





    BOOST Your Response By Personalizing Your Web Pages

Almost all marketers now personalize their emails when sending them to their list.

This simple technique has been proven to boost response to email offers.

Now with our special Web Page Personalizer tool, you can take this concept to the next level, by personalizing your web pages too.

Whenever your visitors or referrals enter their names into your signup forms, the names are remembered (stored on the visitor's own PCs in something referred to as a "cookie").

This happens both for visitors who sign up through a form on your own website and visitors who sign up through forms shown on your affiliate links. (There's also a feature to allow you to set this cookie automatically through emails sent from your autoresponder - for use with subscribers who subscribed through other methods.)

Using the Web Page Personalizer tool, you can then display this name on your web pages wherever you want.

For example, instead of starting your web page with the usual "Dear Friend", your web page could start with "Dear Jane" or "Dear John" (or whatever the person's name is).

As you can see from the screenshot below, Web Page Personalizer is very easy to use:



Before using the tool, simply insert the text REPLACENAME into your web page wherever you want the visitor's name to appear.

Then select the web page to be updated and enter the default text (the text to be shown if the visitor's name is not stored).

Click the Update button and the web page will be instantly updated, replacing all instances of REPLACENAME with special code that will show the visitor's name (or the default text).

All the code added is Javascript, so you should still be able to safely edit the page using your usual HTML editor. Additional code is added to ensure that the solution works correctly even if the visitor does not have Javascript enabled in their web browser (in this case it is not possible to show the visitor's name, but the default text will appear).

With this quick and easy tool, you can personalize all your web pages in seconds.




    Build Effective, Power-Packed Squeeze Pages Instantly

Squeeze pages are becoming increasingly common on websites these days.

If you are not familiar with the term, a "Squeeze Page" is a web page which forces visitors to subscribe to your mailing list before they are allowed to view the associated sales page.

Our simple Squeeze Page Creator software provides a quick and easy way to create a complete squeeze page, including our powerful personalization features.

You can see a screenshot of the Squeeze Page Creator software below:



You'll see a set of boxes. Just type the text you want to appear into the various boxes (full instructions are included).

Here's a (scaled down) screenshot of an example squeeze page, so you can see what each box relates to:



Simply fill in the boxes, select your colors, paste in your autoresponder signup form and click the Create New Page button. Your squeeze page will be instantly created.

Since the page is a standard HTML web page, you can then make changes to it if you want using any HTML editor.

As with the Affiliate List Builder and Web Page List Builder tools, the visitor's name is automatically extracted from the autoresponder form and stored for future use.

This means that you can display the visitor's name on all your web pages, using the Web Page Personalizer tool described above.

Note that unlike many other squeeze page solutions, our software actually extracts the name from your standard autoresponder form (works with virtually all autoresponders).

Most other squeeze page solutions require you to use "subscribe by email" in order to use web page personalization, which loses all the important Spam protection features built into your autoresponder.

With our solution, you get to keep all the benefits built into your autoresponder's standard signup forms - and you get the full benefits of web page personalization too.

The benefits of this powerful software don't stop there though.

Your squeeze pages will also incorporate our special "bypass" feature.

One of the most annoying problems of squeeze pages is that visitors are forced to subscribe again if they return to your site at a later date.

However with our "bypass" feature, visitors who've already subscribed through your squeeze page will automatically "skip" the squeeze page next time they visit the site - and be sent immediately to your sales page.

This important feature can save your visitors a lot of annoyance - and that means they are more likely to return to your site again and again.

This special bypass feature combined with the other features means that our Squeeze Page Creator offers you a quick and easy way to build really effective squeeze pages.




    Instantly Add Signup Forms To Your Site Without Losing Sales

If you're selling any sort of product, it's common to put a standard autoresponder subscribe form on your sales page.

Even if you have a popup signup form, it's still usually worth adding a standard subscribe form as well, so you can catch visitors who ignored your popup. 

In most cases, you'll put this standard signup form in the middle of your sales page.

The problem is though that when visitors enter their details into the form, they are then sent to your "thanks for subscribing" page, leaving your sales page behind.

Unless they press the Back button on their browser, they won't see your sales page again.

You got a subscriber but at the expense of a sale. It's not an ideal trade-off!

Ideally you'd like to let your visitors subscribe and let them carry on reading your sales letter.

Our unique Boomerang tool allows you to do exactly that.

With this software, as soon as a subscriber fills in your subscribe form, the details are submitted to your autoresponder as usual then the person's browser returns to the same point on your sales page, so that they can carry on reading.

A little message even appears on the page to tell them that they have been subscribed and that their first email is on its way.

The Boomerang tool is quick and easy to use and works with all autoresponders (as long as they allow you to set a "thanks for subscribing" page).

You can see a screenshot of this simple tool below:



Simply select your web page, enter the message you want shown to the visitor and click the Update button. Your web page is instantly updated, ready for use.

With the Boomerang Tool, you no longer have to choose between getting subscribers and making sales. You can have both - and all with virtually zero effort!



    Discover The Secrets Of Effective Opt-in List Building With This Quality 3-Volume Course

To supplement our exclusive software, we've added this valuable information resource to help you on the road to success.

In this high quality, in-depth course, you'll discover loads of list building techniques that you can use to build a massive list.

Most other manuals and courses on list building cover one or two specific list building methods. They rarely cover them all.

However with this complete "Encyclopedia of List Building", you'll get details of loads of effective, proven list building strategies that you can start using immediately to build your own profitable opt-in list.


List Building Mastery Volume 1

35 Pages - PDF Format

  • Discover 6 totally different and unique strategies that you can easily execute right now and build your mailing list from scratch! It doesn't matter if you have only a few hundred subscribers or even 0 - these methods can be carried out right away!

  • A killer technique that can enable you to double or even triple your list building results using any of these tenderfoot techniques alone!

  • How to get TARGETED traffic funneled in from major Search Engines online FREE!

  • How to use articles to build your mailing list and establish yourself as an authority figure in any niche of your choosing!

  • How to earn decent returns from paid advertising online - I show you how NOT to waste money in lousy advertising and show you how to identify paid advertising revenue that really works!

  • What it takes to achieve MAXIMUM opt-in rates from your list building campaigns!

  • How to drive in laser-focused traffic from popular Search Engines with little investment, MAJOR returns!

  • How to use online/offline media to build your database of responsive prospects without having to risk being too "sales pitchy" and resorting to hype in the process!

  • Create credibility and then your mailing list through this popular vehicle as used by TOP marketing gurus from around the planet!

  • And much more!


List Building Mastery Volume 2

22 Pages, PDF Format

  • How to expand your mailing list further thus making it more substantial than ever - I teach you the advanced level techniques of building your mailing list at a fast and furious pace!

  • The secret mindset used by top marketers from around the planet in building their mailing list further

  • How to get people to willingly help you build your list for you without having to necessarily pay them. In fact, they might just pay you instead to do it for you! (No, this is not the affiliate program technique.)

  • A compound list building method that will build your mailing list for you in an exponential manner and on autopilot!

  • How to use subscribers to make subscribers! This is not an often used technique in list building but can prove to be effective if done correctly and the BEST part is... you don't have to fork out a dime to do it!

  • How to use co-registration leads to build your mailing list. This particular area in Internet Marketing is interestingly controversial and well, all hyped up with fluffs. I cut through all the B.S. here and tell it like it is - how it can work for you!

  • And much more!


List Building Mastery Volume 3

27 Pages, PDF Format

  • The three single most TOP notch techniques that you can practice and use to build your mailing list the "guru style"!

  • How to recruit a massive army of affiliates to do your bidding! This is one of the most popular list building and profit-pulling vehicles as used by the big dogs of Internet Marketing and high-level online entrepreneurs - and I will show you how you, too, can harness this power in YOUR favor!

  • How to strike Joint Ventures with top level marketers in your niche and get these big hitters to willingly work with you to bring you to the top!

  • Where to look for oodles and oodles of HIGH quality Joint Venture opportunities - and after you find this out, you'll probably want to keep it a secret to yourself!

  • How to execute product launches like a charm - get your affiliates and Joint Venture partners to participate in your launch and witness the excitement as these marketing individuals email their lists about YOU and YOUR product or service, catapulting you to overnight Internet Marketing fame!

  • How to monetize your mailing list - pick and choose your cash points and milk them out for profits!

  • How to instill long term credibility in a "me marketing" style to your mailing list! Your prospects will look forward to your emails with far greater anticipation than those from any of your competitors to whom they are subscribed!

  • And much more!


You could easily pay $67 or more for all this valuable information.

However this entire information-packed, 3-volume course is included as just part of our superb Power List Pro package - and all for a fraction of that price.




    Easily Create Your Newsletter And Autoresponder Emails Now With This Ready-Made Solution

It's important to have your own opt-in list, but it's  actually of little use unless you have something to send to them.

That's why the Power List Pro package includes two complete sets of ready-made emails, with a total of over 120 email messages.

These will help you quickly and easily setup your own newsletter and/or autoresponders.


Package 1

A complete set of 52 home business newsletter emails (enough to cover a full year of content if you email once a week).


Package 2

Over 70 ready-made niche autoresponder emails - all easily adapted to whatever products and services you want to promote - making it easy to create an autoresponder sequence for any niche.


With this highly flexible selection of ready-made emails, you can get started generating income from your list  immediately.





Your Exclusive Special Bonus

The powerful tools and resources described above are already worth far more than the low asking price of this quality package.

However if you order today, you'll also get our special exclusive "JV List Builder" software.

This powerful software has previously been sold for $30 on its own - but now its yours FREE with your copy of Power List Pro...

"Get Lots Of Other Marketers To Promote Your List
Without Paying Them A Single Cent"

Getting other people to promote your newsletter for you is a powerful way to build a list.

It may surprise you to know that there is a well-established solution for doing this without having to pay these people anything.

This solution is called a "List Building Joint Venture" or JV.

With a list building JV, a small group of newsletter publishers agree to promote each other's newsletters.

You promote your JV partners' newsletters to your subscribers, in exchange for them promoting your newsletter to their subscribers.

Everyone gets more subscribers and all at no cost.

It's easy to get partners for a List Building JV since every newsletter publisher is always looking for more subscribers. You just need to find a few compatible newsletters and then email the owners.

The simplest and most effective way of operating a List Building JV is to use an automated solution that offers all the different newsletters to each subscriber when they first subscribe to any one of them.

With this solution, each partner recruits subscribers on their website exactly as normal.

The only difference is that after someone subscribes, instead of being directed to a web page that just thanks them for subscribing, they are directed to a special JV form page.

This JV form page thanks the person for subscribing and also asks whether they would like to subscribe to additional newsletters as well, showing brief details of each one.

The subscriber can simply check the checkboxes next to the ones he or she wants - and then gets subscribed to them all in one go.

The beauty of this solution is that it costs you (and your JV partners) absolutely nothing.

You've already secured the person's subscription before offering them additional newsletters, so even if he or she isn't interested in any other newsletters, you still don't lose anything.

The benefit of course comes form the fact that all the partners will be promoting your newsletter in this same way.

Tests have shown that this form of promotion can be highly effective.

Subscribers are already in the right "frame of mind" to subscribe to newsletters, so a large percentage of them should be keen to take up more free newsletters.

The result can be loads of new subscribers for everyone involved.

This strategy is already being used to great effect by many successful marketers.

The only problem is that setting up a JV of this type generally involves an expensive custom software solution to make it all work.

This of course tends to puts the strategy out of reach of most less experienced marketers... until now.

JV List Builder is an easy to use software tool which instantly generates everything you need to set up your own JV, with just a few button clicks.

You can see a screenshot of this simple tool below:



Simply enter the details of all of your partners' newsletters into the software (you can have anywhere between 1 and 9 partners besides yourself) and then just click Create.

The software automatically builds a complete set of JV forms (one for each partner to put on their website) along with the custom script needed to operate the system.

The whole system is fully automated and can even provide each partner with full registration information, including the name, email address, IP address and time for each subscription.

The generated forms are clear, easy to use and professional looking. If you want to see an example form built using this software,
click here (opens in a new browser window).

Note that this is just a simple example. You can change the fonts, styles and layout, add text, headers and graphics, etc. and change the appearance however you want, using your usual HTML editor.

After you've generated all the forms, you send each partner their form.

Each partner uploads their form onto their own website and the whole thing is ready to roll in a matter of minutes.

Now all you need is to find a few other newsletter publishers who are interested in building their lists and you can create your own highly lucrative List Building JV Partnership.




All This For One Low Price 

I hope by now that you appreciate the power of our superb new list building package and how it could seriously boost the profits of your business.

When you order today, you'll get our full set of EIGHT powerful tools and resources...

  Affiliate List Builder

  Web Page List Builder

   Squeeze Page Creator

   Web Page Personalizer

   Boomerang Tool

   List Building Mastery 3-Volume Course

   Newsletter and Autoresponder Email Package

   JV List Builder

With all these quality tools and resources in one package, I'm sure you'll be amazed when I tell you that you can get your own copy for just $37.

That's less than five bucks each for these quality tools and resources.

Even though I'm offering this package at such a low price, I still want you to be 100% certain that it will really work for you.

That's why the package comes with my cast iron 30-day, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee...

Your 100%, No Risk, No Questions Asked,
Money-Back Guarantee

If you still have any lingering doubts about purchasing, let me reassure you now with the knowledge that your copy of this superb package is covered by my 100% cast iron, no questions asked, no risk guarantee.

If at any time during the next 30 days, you decide that this package does not meet your requirements, just shoot me a quick email and I guarantee to refund your money in full, no questions asked.

All this means you can take a full 30 days to check out all this great software for yourself, with no risk whatsoever.

In other words...you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

I expect a lot of demand for this superb package, so this low price could increase at any time without notice.

So please don't delay. Order your copy right now...

Please Order Now For Just $37

You'll receive instant access to your package, even if it's 2 o'clock in the morning.

Totally secure payment is through PayPal


This software is for use only on PCs running Microsoft Windows. The Affiliate List Builder tool will work with any affiliate link (or sales page) that works with standard affiliate link cloaking.

Earnings Disclaimer
Although we provide powerful tools which can help build opt-in lists, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control, including of course the quality and nature of the traffic received by your website and the value of your subscription offer. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the number of subscribers or level of income that you will attain by using this package. We will however happily refund your money in full in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase.

Please note that this package is for your personal use only and does not carry any form of resale rights.



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