"Discover The Secrets Of Generating Tons Of Targeted Traffic To Your Website At Little Or No Cost"


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Are you getting as much website traffic as you'd like?

Would you like a serious boost to your website visitors, without having to spend a fortune on advertising or search engine optimisation?

Some of the more traditional ways of generating traffic can be very expensive, but there are ways to build high volume targeted website traffic at low or even zero cost, if you know how.

Packed with superb tutorials and tools, our brand new Web Traffic Power Pack will help you take advantage of a wide range of effective, powerful strategies for building targeted website traffic for little or no money...


  Your Traffic And List Building Software...

"Attract Targeted Visitors And Build A Mailing List FREE"

This special software offers the ability to attract website visitors and build your own mailing list - all automatically.

This type of promotion works particularly well for sites with a specific "niche" theme. Example themes include pets, music, clothing, food, electronics and many more.

This solution works by generating traffic through your own Internet contest.

Marketing through contests is nothing new. In fact, marketers have been doing it offline for over 30 years. Polls show that every year over half the adult American population enter contests and sweepstakes (contests in which the winner is chosen at random).

Internet contests are also becoming increasingly common these days, generally offering a much simpler and lower cost solution than their offline counterparts.

One of the top contest directories currently lists around 6000 active contests, showing how popular this form of promotion is becoming.

Despite this fact, the vast majority of small online business owners have never considered running their own contest.

It's actually very easy - and costs very little - to run your own contest.

You just need a web page to announce the details of the contest and a suitable small prize for the winner (preferably related to the theme of your website). Common prizes include books, music CDs, pet accessories, etc. (depending of course on the theme of the site).

Once you've set up a contest, you can list it on lots of contest directory sites, completely free, generating a steady stream of people to your website at zero cost.

Contests don't just draw people to your site though. They also allow you to capture names and email addresses through the contest entry form.

This gives you an easy way to build a profitable mailing list as well as generating immediate traffic to your website.

All this makes for a powerful solution for promoting your site at minimal cost.

Of course running your own contest is a lot easier if you have some sort of software to manage the contest for you, allowing people to submit their entries and automatically adding their details to your list.

That's where the second item in our Web Traffic Power Pack comes in.

Our special Contest Form Builder software will instantly build you a contest entry form with all the necessary script to manage it for you.

You entrants will simply fill in their name and email address, type in their entry information (if any is required), then click the Submit button.

As soon as they click "Submit", their entry will be automatically sent to you by email and they will be subscribed to your autoresponder, allowing you to email them in the future.

As you can see from the screenshot below, Contest Form Builder is very easy to use.

The software comes with comprehensive help and links to various contest directories where you can submit your contest free.

To use the software, just enter your details and it will build a complete, ready to use, custom contest script for you and give you the HTML code for your contest form to paste directly into your contest page.

You can enter your own email address (to receive details of each entry) and your autoresponder email address (so entrants are automatically subscribed).

You can also enter the web address of your "thanks for entering" page (the page where people will be directed after submitting an entry, where you can make additional offers).

If you want to create a "rules and regulations" page for the contest, simply create the page and enter it's web address into the software and it will automatically be added to your form, with a checkbox forcing people to accept the rules.

The software can build forms for both sweepstake contests (in which you simply choose a winner at random) and skill-related contests where people have to submit some sort of information and you choose the best entry.

Below you can see an example of a skill-related contest form created by the software (note that this is not a working form and is for illustration purposes only)...

First Name*:
Last Name*:
Email Address*:
Mailing Address:
State / Province:
Postal / Zip Code:
In 50 words or less specify what you like about our website*:
*I agree to the contest Rules & Regulations
*required fields
Note that by submitting an entry, you will be automatically subscribed to our
mailing list to receive the names of the contents winners as well as
promotional emails from our website. You may unsubscribe at any time.

As you can see this is a comprehensive and professional looking form, designed to capture everything you need - and with full scripting to manage all the submitted information.

With your copy of Contest Form Builder, all you need is a small prize and a few minutes work and you can easily set up your own list building, traffic generating contest.



  Press Release Tutorials And Templates Pack...

"How To Announce Your Products And Services To The World FREE"

When one of the big companies wants to get people interested in a brand new product or service, they don't usually spend lots of money to do it.

They may have huge advertising budgets, but they usually spend these on promoting mature products or on building brand awareness.

To launch a new product or service, most companies just create a written announcement describing their new offering.

The announcement (usually referred to as a "press release") is simply a short article describing the product or service, focusing on the things that make it new and unique.

Simply by sending this press release to a "press release service", it will be passed to thousands of journalists. Their announcement will then get published on many news related websites and if it's important, possibly in newspapers and magazines too.

With this simple strategy, a company can generate massive publicity without spending a single cent on advertising.

It's an amazing system - and one that most small businesses have completely overlooked.

It's actually very easy to write your own press release and using readily accessible online distribution services, you can get your press release delivered to thousands of people automatically and free.

The few small business owners that know how to use this strategy have generally enjoyed excellent response at zero cost, even for basic announcements like the launch of a new ebook or online service.

There really is only one thing that stops most small business owners from using this powerful traffic and sales generating strategy.

They haven't a clue how to do it!

That's why our Web Traffic Power Pack includes the superb "Press Release Secrets Exposed" training course.

This will show you exactly how to create your own press release and how to submit it to an automated distribution service.

The course, created by Press Release "Guru" Shawn Nelson takes you through a complete example, showing you from start to finish, how he used the power of press releases to effectively promote his own ebook.

Shawn will also show you how to use your press releases as a powerful free solution for attracting search engine visitors, through the use of news related websites.

The report provides training and information, along with website links to help you research, construct and submit your press release.

There's even a Press Release Template included that you can use as a quick and easy starting point for your own press release.

Now simply by following Shawn's detailed step-by-step plan, you'll be able to harness the full power of press releases and generate real publicity for your business at zero cost.



  Your Superb Web Traffic Power Course...

"Discover The Real Secrets Of Free Traffic"

I've already told you how the Web Traffic Power Pack offers you detailed tutorials on how to harness the power of press releases and provides you with a powerful tool to run your own traffic generating, list building contests.

However there are many more successful traffic building strategies that I'd like to share with you, all detailed in our superb Web Traffic Power Course.

This concise ebook is packed with tons of advice on different ways of generating targeted traffic at little or no cost.

Here are just a few things you'll learn...

  • How to find huge pools of targeted traffic waiting to buy from you, and easily get them to become your customers!

  • The most important thing you should do before you go out looking for traffic. Miss this step and you'll join the 95% of marketers who are just not making money.
  • How to generate traffic even if you don't want to publish a newsletter. A regular newsletter does take time and effort to publish. I'll show you how to totally get around that problem.

  • How to get other marketers to see your product, and offer, as the best one that they will want to promote to their customers! Set yourself apart from the rest of the folks pitching their offers to the big boys!
  • A magical secret that reveals exactly how to design all your joint venture offers so you increase your chances of striking a deal with just about anybody!
  • How to create affiliates that will thank you for giving them the chance to promote your product.
  • Discover a simple technique that will get a lot more people to display your articles and reports on their sites. Even if they are getting articles from many other marketers.
  • How to take advantage of the highly-targeted traffic from search engines without ever getting listed with them! (listing sites with search engines is just too much work! I'll show you an easier way to benefit from them!)
  • Unlock the mindset behind my strategies and learn to multiply your efforts exponentially! Get much more by doing much, much less.
  • Turn your traffic-generating process into a money machine so it works for you day and night, while you're out doing other things.
  • How to make every single ad or sales letter you write pay off big! Never lose money on advertising ever again.
  • Find out why most online marketers will not make a penny more in profits even if they magically started getting more traffic to their site. Don't make the same mistake they're making!
  • Find out how you can continue to increase your profits even without increasing your traffic count.
  • Discover the easiest and most guaranteed way that you can create a continuous income stream for your business - enjoy a lifetime of positive cash flow!
  • Find out why selling "marketing products" may not be the best thing to do and why it would be wise for you to become aware of other major profit centers that are waiting for you to tap into!
  • How to take maximum advantage of free publicity just like the professionals do!
  • Why most people are overworked and under paid in their very own businesses and why it's costing them dearly! Find out how you can avoid that common trap and learn to work smarter, not harder!
  • How to add unique twists to just about any traffic strategy so it can continue to work for you indefinitely! Watch as they grow bigger and stronger every single month! Without any additional work on your part!
  • Find out why most marketers are just not getting the traffic picture...and how you can beat them to the finish line by taking advantage of that fact.
  • Discover a simple strategy that allows you to create products fast! Creating your own products is the way to go. If you're still having difficulty doing this, here's a quick fix to the problem.

Just one of these strategies alone can get you more traffic than most other traffic techniques combined! But I won't give you just one.

You'll get them all with your Web Traffic Power Course - and you'll save a ton of time, money and major headaches as you learn to put your traffic generation into hyperdrive!

  Your In-Depth Traffic Video Tutorials...

"Easy Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic For Free"

The fourth item in our Web Traffic Power Pack is our excellent video set "Easy Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic For Free".

This powerful tutorial video collection created by master video creator Louis Allport runs to over one and three quarter hours of valuable traffic building advice, covering 5 different tried and tested traffic boosting strategies....

Video One (27 Minutes)

A free tactic that works great to get you a LOT of traffic quickly - AND - for months, even years to come!

And amazingly - this powerful tactic can take as little as just one hour a week for you to use. 

Video Two (29 Minutes)

Here's the real "trick" to get more search engine traffic than you could ever want.

What's the secret? Well, I won't reveal that here but let me say that this tactic does not have anything to do with automatic content generation, link spamming, or anything else the search engines frown upon.

Video Three (18 Minutes)

Covers a phenomenally effective tactic I've used for over three years (and will continue to use) and exactly how you can start using and benefiting with it too.

This tactic alone has bought me tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of visitors. It can do the same for you.

Video Four (16 Minutes)

Covers a marketing tactic which you may already know about - BUT - I'll show you how to get set up with it for free and how you can turn it into a traffic-generating powerhouse.

Video Five (15 Minutes)

Covers one of the most overlooked tactics online, and three ways you can quickly and easily apply it to significantly grow your traffic and profits. 

Video Six (5 Minutes)

Bonus Tactic: Covers a little known tactic that can turn just twenty minutes of your time into a flood of visitors.


All This For One Low Price

Generating lots of quality targeted traffic to a website is the single most important goal of any webmaster.

It will make the difference between a successful business and a "ghost site" that never makes a single sale.

People allover the Internet are paying a fortune to attract traffic to their sites.

Traffic courses and packages containing this sort of quality information and advice typically sell for hundreds of dollars - and that's without our special traffic/list building software.

With this in mind, I'm sure you'll agree that at a low price of just $27,  this superb traffic generating package represents an absolute bargain.

Remember that this includes...

  Powerful software to instantly create the forms and scripts needed to automatically run your own traffic and list building Internet contests

  Comprehensive Web Traffic Power Course packed with tried and tested information on a diverse range of traffic strategies.

  Information-packed traffic video course packed with 110 minutes of quality advice covering 5 different solutions for bringing traffic to your websites.

  Special tutorial and template pack guiding you through creating and submitting your own traffic building press releases

All this is yours for just $27.

However, despite the fact that I'm offering this superb package at such a low price, I still want you to be 100% certain that it will really work for you.

That's why the package comes with my cast iron 30-day, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee...

Your 100%, No Risk, No Questions Asked,
Money-Back Guarantee

If you still have any lingering doubts about purchasing, let me reassure you now with the knowledge that your copy of this superb package is covered by my 100% cast iron, no questions asked, no risk guarantee.

If at any time during the next 30 days, you decide that this package does not meet your requirements, just shoot me a quick email and I guarantee to refund your money in full, no questions asked.

All this means you can take a full 30 days to check out all the resources for yourself, with no risk whatsoever.

In other words...you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

If you've checked out any other quality traffic packages on the Internet, you'll know that they usually cost a lot more than $27.

I'm under serious pressure to increase the low price of this package. It could be increased at any time without notice - so please order your copy now.

Please Order Now For Just $27

You'll receive instant access to your package by Internet download.

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