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Did you know that there are now over 70 million WordPress blogs on the Internet, with thousands more appearing every day?

This means there is a HUGE demand for WordPress themes - and lots of ways to make money from themes...

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WordPress themes really do offer lots of moneymaking opportunities - but only if you can create your own themes.

Our brand new WP Sorceress software allows you to easily create completely new WordPress themes in under a minute - even if you have no experience at all.

And what's more, you can use any photo from any source (even your own holiday photos) to make your themes completely unique...

Transform Any Photo Into A New Theme

With WP Sorceress, you can turn any photo into a complete theme in around 60 seconds.

Here's a simple photo I took of a lake and woodlands area. It's not a great photo - just a typical sort of photo you might take while out on a walk.

Now let's turn this photo into a blog theme for blog on "Walking Holidays".

It takes about 30 seconds to "crop" the photo (i.e. chop off the bits we don't want) - and then another 30 seconds to create the theme.

I'll show you the details of the tools in a minute, but first let's take a look at the resulting theme, generated in less than 60 seconds:

I hope you'll agree that's a nice looking theme - and because it's from one of my own photos, it's totally exclusive too!

Choose From 2,000 Templates

When creating your own themes, you want lots of options for different designs, layouts and colors.

That's why WP Sorceress comes with 2,000 ready-made WordPress themes, covering a MASSIVE range of different styles, colors and niches.

These are complete themes with full unrestricted private label rights. You can do anything you want with these themes - including selling or giving them away as-is if you want to.

But the primary purpose of the themes is to give you lots of options for a starting point in creating your own themes.

When using WP Sorceress, you select one of these existing themes and simply replace the header graphic.

The header graphic is by far the most important part of the theme. Changing the header graphic completely transforms the theme - making it into a new unique theme.

This is the secret of the simplicity of WP Sorceress. You just pick an existing theme from the 2,000 supplied themes - and then insert your own photo into it.

Now that you've seen what it does, let's take a look at the quick and easy tools of the WP Sorceress...

Easily Crop Your Photo

Before using a photo, you may need to "crop" it, which is the term for removing any parts of the photo that you don't want to use.

You can crop the photo using any graphics program - but it's much easier to use the Photo Crop Tool, as shown below (note that this is a reduced size screenshot of the tool - the actual tool is much bigger, allowing for precise photo cropping).

Click the "Select File" button and select your photo.

Now just slide the sliders at the top, bottom, left and right of the photo. As you move the sliders, parts of the photo will be hidden with white.

In this example, you would want to remove the lake at the bottom and the bits of tree jutting in from the right hand side of the photo.

When the result looks correct, click the "Save" button to save the result, which in this case would look something like this:

That's all there is to it.

Now your photo is ready to be inserted into a theme as a new header graphic.

Easily Insert Your Photo Into A Theme

Once you have a cropped photo, you can insert it into a theme as a new header graphic, using the Theme Header Tool, as shown below:

Just select the theme you want to use from the 2,000 supplied themes - and then select your cropped photo.

The tool will automatically resize the photo to the correct size and shape for the theme.

It will then display your photo with the text "Blog Name" and "Blog Description" shown on it. You can choose whether or not the "Blog Description" should be shown on the header (it's not shown in the example above).

You can use the slider bars at the bottom and right hand side to move the text around, to place it in the best position.

You can also alter the colors of the text, the fonts, font sizes, bolding and italic.

When you're happy with the result, just click the Save button and the theme will be updated automatically.

That's all there is to it. You just created a new blog theme!

Easily Set Your Footer Link And Other Text

After inserting your photo, the theme is complete and ready to use.

But if you want to distribute the theme, you'll also want to add your own footer link (which will be shown the bottom of every page of every blog that uses the theme).

You may also want to give the theme a suitable name and possibly include your own name and website link in the "blog theme creator" section of the theme (which is shown in the blog admin Themes section).

You can easily set all these items using the Footer Link Tool, just by filling out a form.

The tool remembers all the details automatically, so the next time you want to update a theme with the same information, it takes just a few seconds.

Easily Change Theme Colors

You'll normally select one of the 2,000 supplied themes, to match the color of your photo. In the example above, I selected one of the green themes, to match the photo.

Doing this means that you will not usually need to change theme colors.

But WP Sorceress comes with a powerful Theme Colors Tool, which allows you to change the color of any element of the theme, if you wish.

To change a color, you just select the element name from a drop-down list. In the screenshot above, I have selected "h1" (the main header text color).

The tool shows the existing color of the element and you can then use a standard Windows Color Picker to choose a new color.

You'll probably not need to use this tool - but if you ever do need to adjust any colors, the Theme Colors Tool allows you to do it easily.

Easily Create A Theme Screenshot

Most WordPress themes have a "screenshot", which is shown in the blog admin Themes section, to help the administrator identify all the different themes that have been uploaded to the blog.

Once you replace the header graphic with your own photo, the original theme screenshot will no longer match the theme, so is deleted automatically.

If you are only using the theme for your own blogs, you can just use the theme without a screenshot. The screenshot is only ever seen by the blog administrator - and WordPress works perfectly without a screenshot.

However if you plan to distribute the theme, you may prefer to include a screenshot.

WP Sorceress comes with a simple Screenshot Tool that allows you to very easily create a new screenshot for your new theme, just by clicking a few buttons.

Use Free Photos From Flickr

You can use a photo from any source to create your own new theme.

If you don't have a suitable photo of your own, you can get a photo from one of the stock photo sites (just do a search on Google).

But an easy way to get photos free is to use the photo-sharing site.

A lot of people upload their own photos on under the "Creative Commons License". This allows the photos to be modified and distributed, as long as the theme includes a backlink to the photographer's flickr page.

WP Sorceress comes with a short guide that explains exactly how to find suitable photos on flickr and how to credit the photographer in your theme (you just paste the web address of the photographer's flickr page into the Footer Link Tool).

This step-by-step flickr photo guide includes full instructions and screenshots - but is only two pages long, which indicates just how easy the process is.

This means you can build an unlimited number of themes for all sorts of different niches, even if you don't have any suitable photos of your own.

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WP Sorceress offers a very simple way to create your own exclusive WordPress themes

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This software is for use only on PCs running Microsoft Windows. All themes are for use on WordPress blogs only.

Future Versions: Once you order this software, you are automatically entitled to all future versions at no further cost. The software incorporates a special mechanism to check for new versions and download them automatically.

Theme Terms Of Use: The 2,000 themes supplied with this software have unrestricted private label rights, so you can do anything you want with them. Any new themes you create from these themes will also have unrestricted private label rights.

Theme Links: Themes created with this software are fully private label and contain no references or links to us or to WP Sorceress. Your themes will only contain your own links (and optionally a link to if you are using a flickr photo).

Earnings Disclaimer: Although we provide powerful tools that can help you generate income, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of income that you will attain by using this software. We will however happily refund your money in full in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase.

Please note that this software is for your personal use only and does not carry any form of resale rights.